Raquel Welch Still Looks Stunning as Ever

Very few actresses, now in their 70s, have been successful in maintaining their stunning beauty, and the Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery is a famous example. Even to this day the actress who was once upon a time a true sex symbol is still a thing of beauty.

Raquel Welch plastic surgery

What she claims about her secret to beauty is yoga and a well-maintained lifestyle is something that we don’t believe in. Makeup can hide only so much of someone’s aging signs. A lot of her looks can only be attributed to plastic surgery.

Who is this thing of beauty?

Raquel Welch hot

The famous American actress and singer was born as Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5th 1940. After giving up ballet at 17, she always wanted to perform and become an actress.

She has also won a lot of beauty titles at a young age. Mostly known for her deer-skinned bikini poster for the film One Million Years B.C., she became well known for being one of the foremost actresses in breaking the image of the submissive sex symbol because in most films she has portrayed herself as a strong female character. Playboy has ranked her 3rd in the “100 sexiest stars in the Twentieth century”.

And she has done a lot to retain that youthful look of hers, from Botox injections to breast augmentation.


Rachel Welch plastic surgery is a fine example when it comes to flawless skin at the age of 75. When one compares her before and after photos, she really hasn’t changed much. No wrinkles, worry lines or crow’s feet.

Raquel Welch Botox

And the result is so near perfect, which is not completely achievable with proper lifestyle, diet and yoga. The tight appearance in her skin, the young freshness in her face is undeniable, and she looks like someone in her late 30s. And the procedures she opted for looks amazing.

That near perfect facelift

Her cheek look a little fluffy now which suggests facelift and filler injection to give herself plump cheeks. There is absolutely no sign of sagging skin in her neck and underneath her chin.

Raquel Welch Facelift

Welch has been known as the sex actress for over a long time now and so she might feel the need to keep her body perfect. Besides, no one can guess her age approximately in a million years.

A nose job maybe?

Raquel’s nose seems to be a bit reshaped over time. Her vintage photos had a much wider nose bridge and a rather bulbous tip, but even then she looked absolutely breathtaking.

Raquel Welch nose job

But as it so happens she fell in line for the trend of getting a rhinoplasty, which has become quite popular over these years. Her photos of today have narrower nose and that round nose tip is gone, making her face look more redefined.

Breast implants

Among the many rumors of Rachel Welch plastic surgery, no one can forget her doe-skinned bikini look in One Million years B.C. And quite recently, the Golden Globe actress flaunted off her gorgeous hour glass figure in a leopard print pencil dress at Variety & Women in Film Pre-Emmy event.

Raquel Welch boobs

At the age of 75, the mother of two kids has the perfect set of breasts. Whether you are rated by Playboy or otherwise, the helping hand of a plastic surgeon is needed to maintain those perky and huge breasts.

Her lustrous locks

Welch is known to be a health freak, but a glossy mane like hers is impossible to maintain at this age. In all of her recent photos, her hairline gives her away if one looks carefully. It’s kind of a weave which is attached or rather glued to her hairline and it is undeniably distinct.

Although she looks amazing, one might feel that she has gone a bit overboard with her plastic surgeries for a woman in her mid 70s. Denying that rumor time and again doesn’t help her either.

Personal Information

Full name: Raquel Welch
Net worth: $30 million
Occupation: Singer, actress
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single

Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 130 pounds (59 kg)
Measurements: 36-22-35
Bra Size: 37D
Dress Size: 8(US)
Shoe Size: 8.5(US)
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Brown

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