Celebrity Facelifts Before and After Photos

A look at the celebrities’ facelifts before and after photos shows just how much there has been development in the plastic surgery industry. Celebrities are always under the spotlight. They are often seen on the televisions and may at times appear to the general public.

This might be what makes them feel the pressure of looking perfect. They would therefore go searching for the best way of looking good and glamorous in front of the camera and the fans. Plastic surgery is the only way that one could use to enhance their appearances.

There are also plastic surgeries that are intended to restore the initial appearance of the individual. This may be carried out in cases where the individual has suffered a condition, an accident, or a burn that has interfered with the appearance. The surgery is thus carried out to bring back the original looks.

Facelifts Before and After

Successful celebrity surgeries have helped most of them retain their young looks over a considerable amount of time. Many celebrities look way younger than their actual ages. This may be associated with the facelift surgeries. A facelift, or rhitidectomy as it is technically known, is a surgical procedure that is done in order to get rid of the visible signs of aging from the face and the neck region.

It is a procedure that helps with deep creases that appear below the eyelid, sagging in the mid face, deep creases that appear along the nose and tend to extend to the sides of the mouth and jowls that appear due to the loss of muscle tone, fallen or displaced fat and also with deposits of fats and loose skin that appear below the chin as one advances in age. Such fats and skin may make a person who is of normal weight appear to possess a double chin.

A number of celebrities, for instance, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton are way much older than what they appear be. This is a result of facelift surgery.

The facelift is a restorative procedure. It therefore does not change the fundamental appearance of an individual. It is also not an enhancement procedure and only brings the young looks back to the individual who seeks it. Besides the facelifts that have turned out successful, there are quite a number that have turned out disastrous.

Kenny Rogers is one example of a facelift turned disastrous. Kenny feared that age was fast catching up with him. He feared the features that would appear with his old age. He therefore felt the pressure and the urge to have a facelift to keep him looking young and glamorous for both the camera and the fans not forgetting the critics. The initial facelift that he had was a real disaster.

He looked funny with the corners of his eyes looking rather tight. Bad celebrity plastic surgery is often a great blow to the esteem of the celebrity. This is what made Kenny go seeking for a repeat of the facelift soon after the first one. The subsequent ones were successful and he was left looking rather young.

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