Raquel Welch Still Looks Stunning as Ever

Very few actresses, now in their 70s, have been successful in maintaining their stunning beauty, and the Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery is a famous example. Even to this day the actress who was once upon a time a true sex symbol is still a thing of beauty.

Raquel Welch plastic surgery

What she claims about her secret to beauty is yoga and a well-maintained lifestyle is something that we don’t believe in. Makeup can hide only so much of someone’s aging signs. A lot of her looks can only be attributed to plastic surgery.

Who is this thing of beauty?

Raquel Welch hot

The famous American actress and singer was born as Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5th 1940. After giving up ballet at 17, she always wanted to perform and become an actress. Continue reading “Raquel Welch Still Looks Stunning as Ever”

What Is Rumer Willis Diet Plan?

Rumer Willis has some rather revitalizing diet and exercise plan that works in the most effective and amazing way. According to her, simple diet and regular exercises are essential for healthy living.

Rumer Willis Diet Plan

She explained that she doesn’t do the extreme to stay in shape. “I am fond of eating the same things every time, and French fry is part of my diet,” Rumer revealed. However, EliteCelebsMag reported that Rumer’s diet includes a few restrictions, which she rarely speaks about. Continue reading “What Is Rumer Willis Diet Plan?”

Celebrity Facelifts Before and After Photos

A look at the celebrities’ facelifts before and after photos shows just how much there has been development in the plastic surgery industry. Celebrities are always under the spotlight. They are often seen on the televisions and may at times appear to the general public.

This might be what makes them feel the pressure of looking perfect. They would therefore go searching for the best way of looking good and glamorous in front of the camera and the fans. Plastic surgery is the only way that one could use to enhance their appearances.

There are also plastic surgeries that are intended to restore the initial appearance of the individual. This may be carried out in cases where the individual has suffered a condition, an accident, or a burn that has interfered with the appearance. The surgery is thus carried out to bring back the original looks.

Facelifts Before and After

Successful celebrity surgeries have helped most of them retain their young looks over a considerable amount of time. Continue reading “Celebrity Facelifts Before and After Photos”

Rapid Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

The colon is one of the organs that need frequent cleansing. There are several problems that arise from the accumulation of toxins or extra fats in the colon. When the problem develops, a rapid colon cleansing procedure needs to be carried out.

Besides being a precautionary procedure, colon cleansing could aid in weight loss. Fat build up in the colon results in fatigue, various gastrointestinal problems and also general body weight gain. To lose weight, in such a case, the colon fat has to be gotten rid of. This is done only through colon cleansing.

healthy colon toxic colon

There are foods and fruits that could help in the colon cleansing process. The apple is one good example of such foods. Continue reading “Rapid Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss”