9 of the Best Korean Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to hairstyle, most men are finding it hard to choose the best hairstyle that suits them. Besides, it is getting unfashionable to replicate the old Caucasian haircuts due to the differences in face types and hair texture.

For Asian nations such as Korea and Japan, there are numerous fantastic haircuts for Asian men to choose from, which range from unique to Korean pop trendy. Below are nine most common Korean hairstyles for men that you should consider if you need your hair to look “spot on”.

1. The Samurai Bun

Samurai bun

The Samurai hairstyle is a style common to men who have middle or long length curly hair. To create the Samurai bun, tie the hair high on the head (vertex or top) into a bun. The hair does not require any further styling or cuts, and it’s easy to spot with men who do a lot of activities and don’t want their curly hair to be moving around all the time.

Also, Samurai bun is a perfect hairstyle for men with curly hair who want to display some manly attributes. It is becoming very common with city people.Read more: 9 of the Best Korean Hairstyles for Men

7 Tips to Style Short Wavy Hair Every Women Must Know

Short wavy hair can be really sexy if you know how to style it and keep it looking glamorous; and this really is the difficult part. There are several nice ways of styling such hair depending on your facial features and general likes.

Below are a number of methods by which you can style your short wavy hair and keep it looking glam all day long!

1. Make a faux bang from your hair by parting it deeply at the side, sweeping it across the forehead and then tucking it securely behind your ear!

Faux bangs for short hair

You can add a headband into the spin to make you look more glamorous and add to the security of the bit tucked behind your ear.

2. Braid it into a sexy style

Braids for short hair

You can actually braid your short wavy hair and add a bit of creativity along the way! you can choose any kind of braid type but taking care to choose one that is ideal for your length of hair. Some of the best hairstyles: 70+ Cute French Braid Hairstyles When You Want To Try Something New

You can braid it from back or front or even sideways! A few accessories can be added to boot especially if you are headed out to a girls day out!

3. Create bangs from your wavy hair and hold the style securely in place with bobby pins.

Bangs for short hair

The bangs need to be pinned towards the back; try ensuring that you push the pins in the direction of the ceiling.

4. If you need a “beachy” texture for your hair, you can achieve this by making your own kind of spray. With just a teaspoon of sea water and some seltzer water, you will have the perfect home-made spray to create the texture that you crave for.

Natural short curly hair

When short wavy hair is textured in this way, it can be easier to style in the way that you like and maintain the do throughout the day without much touching-up.

5. Do not dry your hair 100% using the blow-dryer. This will make it difficult to style as it gets a rather smooth texture. When you let it be with a bit of the moisture still in it, you can flaunt a natural look without much effort on your part!

6. Add more natural curls to your wavy hair! This can easily be achieved by the use of a curling iron; wrapping your hair below or atop it.

7. Make a headband by braiding your hair from one side of your head to the other. This gives you a classless appeal that is bound to make heads turn. Of course, you can comb your hair and leave it flowing behind or style it into a bun! The choice is all yours!

As you can evidently see, there are numerous ways of styling your short wavy hair. There are fairly simple styles and much more complex ones that will need a lot of time to pull off!

Be sure to choose a style that complements the shape and size of your head to avoid looking like a geek!

Tummy Tuck Before and After

The tummy has numerous functions to the body. Apart from being the food storage area, for women; it is the habitat for the baby for nine months. If you have forgotten, the tummy forms the waistline for both men and women. Without it, perhaps the beautiful belts we strap would not even be in existence. This makes the tummy a very important utility.

Tummy tuck before after

Because of its functions, it can store lots of unwanted fat that exercise and diet alone cannot get rid of. After child birth, many women have very unpleasant birthmarks that may be too hard to get rid of. In addition, eating to sustain the baby during the first few months before weaning can contribute to a lot of fat stored in this area. When this happens, the only available remedy is a tummy tuck.

So what actually is a tummy tuck? It is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the abdomen. It also involves tightening of the abdominal muscles, and can go hand in hand with a liposuction of the love handles for good results.Read more: Tummy Tuck Before and After